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Cosmetology School Curriculum

What does the curriculum include at The Hair Design School?

Beauty school curriculums will vary by state and then again by the specific school. These variances are due to state requirements for program completion and school resources. There are some common programs in beauty schools, such as a comprehensive cosmetology curriculum, but the outline and delivery may differ. Additional programs such as nail care, barbering, makeup artistry, and esthetics, along with the credit hours needed to graduate are other differences defined by state law. It’s important to contact your state licensing board for curriculum requirements for your state before you enroll in any beauty school.

At The Hair Design Schools, you can choose from one or more of these in-depth programs:

The Hair Design School curriculum includes classroom training featuring modern technology for a visual learning experience, hands-on practice in a real salon setting, product knowledge and sales training. Preparing future beauty professionals to succeed in becoming certified cosmetologists is a major focus within the curriculum, so mock state board exams and testing tips are included modules within each program.

What technology is used at The Hair Design School?

Technology is essential to today’s classroom experience as it creates a stimulating learning experience and aids in knowledge retention. The Hair Design School classroom features state-of-the-art equipment including interactive instructional white board technology. The Hair Design School also offers a visual learning tool called the Career Success Tablet, exclusive to The Hair Design School and Empire Beauty School network.

This tablet is included in the student kit at enrollment, and will help students in years to come as they transition from education to employment.  Its engaging content includes pre-loaded educational materials, photos, videos, interactive apps and even a built-in camera to photograph your work. The photos help you create a portfolio and build a client base through social media outlets available on the tablet, perfect for launching a cosmetology career.

Does The Hair Design School use electronic textbooks?

The newly launched Career Success Tablet that is available only at The Hair Design Schools and Empire Beauty Schools puts valuable beauty resources and the ease of electronic textbooks right at your fingertips. The tablet contains special educational apps that allow access to electronic textbooks used in the cosmetology programs and much more.

It also contains study guides and social media networks designed by beauty industry pros to help students connect with the latest trends and products in cosmetology.

Additional features include technical apps to illustrate techniques and even an app to help prepare students for the cosmetology state board exam. This technology is designed for creative, visual learners to experience an educational opportunity unlike any other.

Will I receive a tablet computer for my cosmetology education?

Students that enroll at The Hair Design School each receive a brand new cosmetology kit complete with many tools to explore stimulating visual material designed to enhance the learning experience. This kit includes a multi-functional tablet computer known as the Career Success Tablet. You’ll only find this interactive technology tool at The Hair Design School and Empire Beauty Schools. It’s packed with features such as electronic textbooks for technical information and social media apps Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram to share ideas and trends. It’s a fun and educational approach to learn all about the beauty industry and prepare for an exciting career.

Will I be able to keep my tablet after I graduate?

The Career Success Tablet that is included in the cosmetology kit you receive at enrollment is yours to keep once you graduate from The Hair Design School. This is great news as the tablet contains a camera to photograph your creative works and build a portfolio for a visual tool when seeking employment. It’s important to keep the portfolio growing along with your new ventures into the beauty world.

By keeping your tablet and utilizing its many applications, graduates can make key connections to future opportunities. The apps on the tablet have access to many beauty trend apps to boost your salon savvy during your exciting journey in the cosmetology field.

Will I use the tablet for more than just reading textbooks?

Absolutely! The Career Success Tablet was developed for beauty school students and graduates to have a variety of interactive, multi-functional features at their fingertips to learn and grow as a lifelong cosmetology professional. Although a featured app allows you to download and use The Hair Design School’s exclusive electronic textbooks, it contains interactive tools to underline and highlight key concepts, as well as utilize search functions for reference information.

The multi-functional tablet also includes many apps and links beyond the classroom to take advantage of during your cosmetology training. Some of the additional features of the tablet include:

  • A social beauty network used by industry pros to keep up and the hottest trends, products, and looks
  • Goldwell Live, which provides online education with live and in-demand access to tips from Goldwell’s styling team for students and experienced salon professionals
  • Cosmetology study guides for future professionals seeking to obtain a cosmetology degree and to help them prepare for the state cosmetology exam
  • Social Media apps that link to sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube and Twitter to build your brand and market yourself in the world of beauty
  • Career sites to access resume and portfolio building tools that will assist students in a successful job search toward a promising career
  • Student portal access to check attendance, academic performance and financial information and to receive school messages instantly
  • Built-in camera to photograph your best work from week one in as a future beauty professional
  • Connection to a career placement website that puts our future professionals and alumni in contact with hundreds salons with job openings

These are just a few of the highlights of this innovative Career Success Tablet.  It’s all yours to keep when you enroll at The Hair Design School.